Do I need a special type of insurance to use MedicHome services?
No, MedicHome makes sure that if you have coverage, the home visit of the medical experts will be compensated. In addition we will also handle all the paperwork for you, so you have no extra worry.
If you are not sure about your coverage we can find out for you and even propose you solutions.
Can I contact you at anytime?
We aim 26/7/365.
For the first months we will provide the service from 9am to 6pm. But rest assured that we aim to be as fast as possible 24/7/365.
How private and safe are the communications with medical experts through MedicHome?
MedicHome uses all the latest technologies which provides the highest possible security for our customers. MedicHome does not share any private information with third-parties.
How to give feedback?
After each medical service we will ask you to evaluate it. This allows us to monitor closely the quality of the services and keep the level of service at its highest.
What can you tell us about the medical experts registered in MedicHome?
While using the website and the application you have the option to be aware of the qualifications, specialities and the experience of a respective medical expert. We aim to work with medical experts whom maintain the highest rating of services.